Infinity Ward May Add NFTs to Call of Duty


With the popularity of NFTs booming across the world, and particularly when it comes to gaming, it comes as no surprise to learn that one of the most popular gaming franchises is looking to cash in on the NFT craze.

According to insider RalphsValve, Infinity Ward, the developers behind the mega-popular Call of Duty franchise, is looking to add even more personalization into accounts on Activision, which is the structure of personalization for in-game players.

While no finite details were provided, the report stated that Activision is also currently investigating the implementation of NFTs in Call of Duty, which would open a whole new world for NFT artists and gamers already in the market.

Infinity Ward will likely tread carefully given the terrible response to Ubisoft’s testing of NFTs last year, with Ubisoft Quartz.

NFTs still have an uphill battle in winning over gamers, but with more and more games and developers getting on board with NFTs, and using social media and NFT SEO to help target core gaming markets, it may be a matter of time before they are accepted mainstream.